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2050 – The year the housewife will be obsolete!

How many times do you hear “a women’s work is never done?”

The days of cooking and cleaning may soon be over. In 2050, the traditional role of housewife could be obsolete, with robots taking care of all the arduous tasks around the home.

According to a report by Dr Ian Pearson, its predicted that furniture will adapt to a person’s bodyshape and clothes will clean themselves ( no more training the teenagers to work the washing machine ).

All this comes a century after home appliances freed housewifes from back-breaking chores, artificially intelligent androids will run our homes, enabling us to spend more time having fun and less time doing chores.



The more advanced technology becomes, the more we can focus on being human. Housewifes and Househusbands will have no need to tidy their home, with 80% of homes predicted to have emotionally intelligent robotic servants in 2050. Miniature robot tidiers are also likely, waiting until a room is empty and then scurrying around picking up small objects.

Without constant chores, householders will have more time to relax. Personally I would have The Fear if there were robots in my house ( too many scary movies I think, although BB8 is quite cute ).

It is all about having more time to relax and constantly striving for that better work / life balance. But you can have more time to relax right now.. by getting in touch with us and we will clean your home for you

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