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Challenges for women entrepreneurs

Just 25% of single person companies and 22% of small firms are majority-led by women, according to FSBs report Women in Enterprise: The Untapped Potential. But it also found the level of self-employed women is up 40% since the financial crash in 2008. Challenges included balancing work and family life, achieving credibility and a lack of confidence. The report makes recommendations for improving support.

Skills that women thought would help them grow their businesses included business strategy, marketing and online/digital help.

What skills would you find most useful to develop to help grow your business?

Communication 22%, Marketing 55%, Business Finance 42%, Sales 37%, Business Strategy 56%, Administration 20%, People Management 31%, Decision Making 31%, Online & Digital 55%

From a personal point of view I absolutely love my job and on a daily basis it doesn’t cross my mind that I am in the minority. It is a constant battle to find a balance between work and home life but not necessarily in a different way from anyone else. I’ve experienced a couple of situations where I have felt uncomfortable but was more down to my confidence in my ability to do my job than anything else. Its sometimes difficult to believe in yourself and I do try to push myself out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. As for support, there is lots and lots of people out their that can offer their experience. I have a Business Mentor which believe me, makes me feel uncomfortable every time we meet.. in a good way as he is constantly making me think about my own personal development. On a positive note, I would suggest that everyone has a bash at running their own business.. its loads of fun!! Cariss Wedding Pic cropped

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