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Putting yourself out there…


Soooooooooo.. how many of us do what we do because we have always done it? Lets face it, it’s the easy thing to do as it involves little to no brain power and very little effort

If it’s your job that we are speaking about then it’s perfectly normal to do a good job and stay under the radar.. a lot of bosses would be happy with you doing an adequate job and only completing your task list. But what could you be missing out on? The obvious thing would be promotion and all that comes with it – new job title, higher salary, more benefits for example. The less obvious things are a chance for change, re-energising yourself with new tasks, enhancing your skill set and connecting with others to increase your access to knowledge and experience.

As for our personal life what could staying under the radar do? In the extreme it could allow us to stay in an unhappy relationship.. or put up with a negative friendship.. but think of all the little things we could be missing out on – making new friends and all that it brings,  experiences & adventures, cake eating, cinema trips with friends, coffee dates, kicking the autumnal leaves on a brisk walk! 

We put ourselves out there a couple of months ago.. both as a company and personally…

Firstly I opened up Moirs to Stirling University MBA course and worked very closely with one of their students Khlayre Cairney, on a Business Transformation Project. I gave Khlayre access to our policies, procedures, database, figures and anything else that she felt was relevant. It would have been easier to not get involved and continue on as we have done for the last 12 years but here I was inviting scrutiny, outside opinions and questions about the future of my company.  The resulting report was fabulous and has been two-fold. It has backed up a lot of my ‘gut feelings’ but has also given us new insight into how we can grow as a company which in turn will increase everyone’s autonomy and job security.

Secondly came two award nominations – we’ve never put ourselves out there to this extent before mainly because I am a bit rubbish at getting thoughts out of my head and onto paper. This is where Khlayre worked her magic! After speaking with me comprehensively about everything she put both proposals together and submitted them to the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce and The Association of Scottish Business Women. We made it to the next stage on both and this is where I had to put my head above the parapet and ‘endure’ interviews and present a power point presentation to a judging panel. Again I was inviting scrutiny, outside opinions and questions on my company AND myself.. a double whammy!

The world did not end, I did not internally combust, I survived! We won!  

We are now the proud owner of two awards…

Best Business 2017 Winner ( Association of Scottish Businesswomen )

Business Leader 2017 Highly Commended ( Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce )

Life is about new experiences, growing mentally and emotionally and getting to know yourself.. We always have choices and life will unfold according to these choices.. We can’t achieve any of this by making sure no-one knows who we are.. My advice would be to always say yes!



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