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Reaching the top…

Its January.. it’s freezing.. it’s pissing down.. it’s the time of year when everyone analyzes everything.. from checking your finances to reigning in your expenditure.. from reviewing the past year to planning the year ahead, January is well known to be the time for motivation, reflection and preparation.

Reaching the top in the world of anything requires a massive amount of determination, dedication and more importantly the ability to constantly ‘pick yourself up’. The world of cleaning is no different.. Planning – yes. Tracking – yes. Monitoring – yes. Adjusting – yes. Succeeding – yes. Failing – yes. All of the above on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

day in the life of an entrepreneur

It doesn’t matter what business we are in, or what our background is, we all need to do the things mentioned above. The pressure that we put ourselves under can be immense and it’s a constant mind game to stay motivated. There is an underlying acceptance that we have to dedicate our lives to the pursuit of excellence and it is a very fine line between a healthy work/life balance.

One lesson I have learned is that all my competitors want the success that I do. Obviously we are all individuals and that’s what makes our business/company unique and it is our individual thoughts, flair and creativity that we can bring to our team that could well set us apart from our direct competition. Making sure we are surrounded by the right team and helping them to see the greater vision is a must. Our teams have to see the potential that we see and they must buy into the same vision. Without this, neither of us are good enough to reach our full potential.

Quote of an Entrepreneur – I wake up excited & terrified every day 

So it’s back to the mind games.. the attitudes that we have learnt, the personal attributes that we have and the behaviors that we adopt are all very relevant to reaching the top.. being prepared to change, being prepared for change are an equal requisite.. we can plan, plan & plan but if we cannot adapt then we will struggle to react to the pitfalls, let alone understand them.

So… have I reached the top? Definitely not.. however myself and my team are well aware of the journey ahead and what it involves.. intense psychological pressure, dedication, determination, hunners of planning, excitement and a few failures along the way.. we’re here to hit the challenges head on, embrace the stresses and laugh in the face of the failures.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it 

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