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When you hire a cleaner….

Came across an interesting article the other day….

“When you hire a cleaner you expect your home to be spruced up and left in a pristine state. But this was not what one clients got. Instead, the ‘professional & reliable’ maid supplied by the cleaning company he paid got drunk on his whisky, damaged his sofa, soiled his carpet and fell asleep on his bed.

He claims he found £3000 of damage when he came home to ‘unbelievable chaos’. The cleaner was sitting on the stairs, reeking of alcohol and very drunk says the chap who lives near Milton Keynes. There was urine on the carpet while the cleaner was wobbling about trying to work the vacuum cleaner. After looking around he found a smashed jar of marinade smeared on the couples cream sofa along with ‘pen marks’. Upstairs they found that the cleaner had made full use of their double bed and a perfect imprint where she had laid down on top of it. She had also left her mobile phone on the bed. Further investigation revealed that more than half a bottle of Chivas Regal ( 12 year old ) had been drunk.

The chaos was caused in the space of 2 hours after the couple left the house at 10am and returned at midday, expecting to find it spotless. The client said he had paid thousands of pounds replacing the carpet, sofa and bedding and is currently threatening legal action. The cleaning company has refused to pay compensation, saying its insurance does not cover the damage as it was a criminal matter

Absolute Nightmare!! What can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen.. We work in teams of 2 for security and Health & Safety reasons, we are fully insured, most of our staff have been with us for 2 years +, we supply all our own products and equipment ( so even if we were steamin’ we would be able to use the hoover 😉 Kidding obvs ), as far as we can, we will guarantee the same teams

What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen.. use a reputable cleaning company preferably from a referral, ask to speak with some of their current clients, ask to meet the management / owners of the company, inspect their insurance documents, generally do some digging and above all trust your gut feeling..

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